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Our Card range is kept small and simple:

5 cards for each season of the year, remembering Christmas and Easter on the way, and general cards too

The cards are available as:
Single Cards

Mixed Packs
(1 each of 5 Designs)

Single Packs
(5 of 1 design)

All cards are blank inside for your own thoughts!

Cards size is A6 with C6 envelopes to fit and come in a clear wallet pack.  

















greeting cards norfolk  

Quiet Ways Cards are produced in Norfolk...on the road to nowhere, at the back of beyond where rush hour means three ducks in the lane... here there is space and time to think and we try to think of the planet...

Where possible we use local suppliers, recycled materials and in all ways attempt to tread lightly on our Earth.

We are a micro publishing company with a commitment to express a Quiet Way... time to reflect and enjoy the simple pleasures of life... time to share with people of like minds and hearts.

Our images come from around the world. Our words are drawn mainly (but not exclusively) from Quaker writings. Words from all faiths can help us find our way... and our profits will go towards funding Quaker Charities.

Quakers (The Religious Society of Friends,) are a Christian based group who share a commitment of working for Peace, and Equality, living with Simplicity and expressing Truth to people of all faiths and none across the world.

Quakers hold “Meeting for Worship” which is open to all people to attend and experience an hour of silent worship, quiet meditation, prayer and worship. If you want to know more about Quakers or find a Meeting local to you contact: www.quaker.org.uk

Quiet Ways Cards began in 2008 so is not quite grown up yet! We aim to produce cards and postcards you will love to send, bookmarks to keep your place, posters and calendars to look at through the year, and maybe more?.. only time will tell so come by often and check out how we grow!

We hope you enjoy your time at Quiet Ways... whatever the season...

Quiet Ways Cards - Gardeners Cottage - The Street - Topcroft - Norfolk NR35 2BL -deb@quietwayscards.co.uk - mob: 07899 754767
sold in aid of Quaker Work